Casa Aramara · Punta Mita Private Resort

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We are pleased to announce the birth of Joe Francis & Abby Wilson’s first twin daughters in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Who is ready to stat the weekend? We hope you all enjoy it as much as we will! 

Its a perfect sunny day down in Punta Mita, warm greetings from Casa Aramara!  

Relax the day away in Casa Aramara’s sun beds and enjoy delicious pool side snacks and drinks. We are here to serve you!

One of the main features of Casa Aramara is the pool area, which is perfect for hosting all kinds of social events and get togethers; from the most romantic beach wedding to a live-dj pool party. 

Every room in Casa Aramara is designed to meet the most demanding expectations. Your time spent in this place will not be easily forgotten. 

Nested among acres of tropical lush gardens in Punta Mita, Casa Aramara offers an unparalleled experience of freedom, peace and tranquility. 

The secluded private beach where Casa Aramara is located is perfect and safe for the whole family to enjoy.

At Casa Aramara you can to experience breathtaking sunsets all year long. Watch the sun slowly sink into the ocean leaving behind the most amazing pink and orange hues as you sip into your frozen lime margarita!

Casa Aramara is a unique private paradise. Nested deep in the jungle and secluded from other repopulated ares, The beach is perfect for swimming, surfing, taking long walks, horse back riding and many other activities.